Why Do Liberals Lie?

by drclarkjensen on September 23, 2011

Does it not trouble you that falsehood, deception and lies are the foundations of modern day liberalism.  Liberals would have us believe that man made global warming is proven and, according to Al Gore, ” the debate is over.”  They want us to believe that the theory of evolution is proven as well.  Liberals also want us to believe that current spending patterns in our federal government are sustainable forever, that we need more government to protect us from greedy capitalists, that conservatives want grandma to eat dog food and that we must increase taxes, regulate health care, banking and energy in order for our nation and the earth of be safe and to prosper.

None of those concepts are true, yet liberals would have us believe all of them.  Why?  Why is liberalism based on deception?  What is the purpose of liberalism?

Liberalism is nothing more, nothing less, than a return of the power to rule, from the people, to the elite few.  It is a philosophy that assumes that the common man is not smart enough to govern himself, therefore, the enlightened few must save the masses from themselves.  Liberalism also assumes that God does not exist,  that the rule of law means nothing, that rights are determined by man not by God and that the means justifies the end.  In short, liberalism is a man made philosophy that is motivated by the desire to assume greater power and control.

So, if we understand what liberalism is and what it’s aims are, then it starts to make sense that liberalism is supported by falsehoods.  If the common man knows the truth he is not going to be willing to allow liberals to tax and spend and assume more and more power over him in an attempt to save him from so called man-made global warming, for example.

Look at all the money that has been spent and the power that has been assumed by government in the name of protecting our planet from man-made global warming.  We have regulated and over-regulated recovery of cheap sources of energy and replaced them with expensive and inefficient green energy wind-farms and solar energy.  The government has also subsidized expensive electric vehicles because of the lies associated with the bogus theory of man-made global warming.

And look at the cost in freedoms and money that Obamacare will be if it is fully instituted?  Obamacare solves nothing.  It makes health-care less accessible, more expensive and less profitable for health-care providers all the while it adds layers of bureaucracy upon the people and upon the health-care system as a whole.  It will cost us more and drive down the quality of care all the while we lose power and control over our personal health-care decisions, notwithstanding all the rhetoric to the contrary from Obama and friends.  How do liberals sell this to us?  They don’t tell us the truth or fairly debate the fact, instead they sell us a pack of lies.  They tell us Obamacare is going to be better for us and less expensive and that we will be able to keep our doctors and our current insurance program.  Lies, lies, lies.  They lie to us in order to take power and freedom away from us.  Why?  Because that is what liberals do.  The means justifies the end.

What evidence is there that capitalism, freedom in the marketplace, has failed us?  Capitalism over that past 200 plus years has taken our nation and the world from the horse and buggy days to the days of comfort and wealth.  We have gone from outdoor toilets, poor health-care practices, manual labor, coal oil and whale oil lamps, slow communications and transportation to almost universal access to health care, automobiles, computers, televisions, cell phones, indoor plumbing, electricity, access to a wide variety of  inexpensive food, clothing and consumer products… and the list could go on forever.  None of those advances happened because the government was regulating the market, they all happened because someone was motivated to make a profit.

It is only as government has regulated and restricted the market, at all levels, that our economy has gone in the tank, jobs have been lost and our inner cities have fallen into decay and now the libs are blaming the free-market for the economic collapse we are in.

The profit motive has elevated the quality of life for all of us.  It has provided us with less expensive goods and services, better jobs, better working conditions and greater freedoms, yet liberals would have us believe that big business is evil and that the rich must “pay their fair share” of taxes even though they are already paying way more than their share.  Lies, lies lies and more lies, and yet many people-way too many people- believe those lies.

The next time you hear anyone tell you that government is the answer, that there is no longer any debate about the science, that you must pay more taxes or that government can not cut spending, question their motives.  They are not looking out for you, they are trying to grab more power.

Wake up America, liberalism has never been that answer, it has always been the problem.  It still is.  Liberalism is based on falsehood.

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jl stephan February 26, 2012 at 8:14 pm

yes,and now we need a true reagan conserative.reagan for mount rushmore.reagan forever and ever./jls


David July 6, 2015 at 11:54 am

I noticed over the decades that liberals will put words in peoples mouths, twisted peoples words around, and Ad-Lib about what someone said, or behind their backs lie about what someone is thinking or believe when they are not their to voice the truth. And it seems as though Liberals are so delusional they actually believe their one constant lying. Or in the case of a lot of my college professors they will deliberately and intentionally skew data, twist facts, and flat out lie to prove a point that doesn’t exist in reality. Usually it’s something they are accusing someone of in which there is no real data, evidence, or facts that can prove the liberal right. However the Liberal will take other things “out of context” and twist it so that it only sounds like it relates to what they are talking about.


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