Walter William’s Obama Prediction is a Hoax

by drclarkjensen on June 8, 2011

Dr Walter Williams

Do you know who Dr Walter Williams is?  He is a professor of economics and is currently teaching at George Mason University.  He also, sometimes, is a Rush Limbaugh fill-in when Rush is on vacation or otherwise indisposed.  Dr Williams is smart and entertaining to listen to.  He is also one of few blacks and few college professors who are conservative.  We need more men, more black men and more college professors like him.

An email has been circulating that states that Dr Williams has predicted that Obama will win the 2012 presidential election.   According to the email, Dr Williams says that Obama should be defeated because his economic policy is terrible but, he says, the American people are notoriously ignorant about economics and he points out, too many special interest groups want Obama to remain in power.

I will tell you that the email is bogus.  It was not authored by Dr Williams.  However, just for fun, let’s look at the reasons stated for Obama winning in 2012.

1. Blacks will vote for Obama blindly.

2.  College educated females will vote for Obama.

3. Liberals will vote for Obama.

4. Democrats will vote for Obama.

5. Hispanics will vote for Obama.

6. Union members will vote for Obama.

7. Big business will vote for Obama.

8. The media love Obama and will support him.

9.  Most minorities will vote for Obama.  Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and most other minorities support a liberal agenda.

10. Approximately half of independents will vote for Obama.

I am not sure if this hoax was written by a liberal or a conservative who wanted to energize the conservative base.  Either way, I don’t agree with the assessment.

Here are some reasons I disagree.

1.  It’s the economy, stupid!   Nothing energizes voters like a bad economy.  Those people who are out of  work, those people who can’t find a job anywhere, are starting to figure out that Obama is working against them, not for them.  Between inflation in food and gas, insurance, and health care costs, the decreased value of the dollar, the increased national debt, high federal spending, the failure of the stimulus plans and high unemployment rates, many voters are figuring out that Obama and his liberal friends have to go.  I predict the people who are frustrated with the economy are going to be more energized on the conservative side than they have ever been before, come 2012.

2.  There might be a few big businesses that support Obama, but I don’t think most businessmen and businesswomen like what government is doing to them.  They don’t like big brother micro-managing everything they do.  They don’t like the regulations, the fines and the laws that cost them more money.  They don’t like Obamacare and they don’t like Obama.

3.  Obamacare is a disaster and people know it.  Obamacare has never been popular.  The longer Obama and the democrats hold on to the idea of nationalized health care, the greater becomes the chances for a major Democrat defeat in 2012 both in congress and in the executive branch.

4.  Nowhere near half of independents will support Obama.  A recent poll showed independent voters opposed to Obama by a margin of 56 to 37 percent.   Obama’s popularity is dropping fast with all voters, but especially with independent voters.  The worse the economy gets, the less support Obama will get from the independents.

5. Most of the groups mentioned in the hoax story are overlapping groups.  What I mean by that is that Hispanics and Blacks and Jews and homosexuals are also historically liberals and Democrats.  They are the same group of people.  Plus, even in those groups that have historically been supportive of the Democrats and liberalism, Obama’s support is dropping.  For example, Obama has done a great deal to offend the state of Israel.  It almost appears that Obama is intentionally trying to alienate that part of the Democrat base.  He is losing much of the historical base of the Democrat party.

6. Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster.  He acts like he doesn’t know what he is doing.  People are starting to figure out the this guy is not the smartest guy in the world after all.  They are also starting to wonder why he inserted our armed forces unnecessarily into the conflict in Libya, when he was so opposed to an armed conflict in Iraq.  It just doesn’t make sense.

7.  Most Americans are not liberal.  Most of America is center right, not center left in their political leanings.  Obama is too close to the lunatic fringe on the left.  His actions are anti-free-market and often times destructive to the Constitution.  Americans are started to wake up to who this guy really is.

8.  Obama’s energy policy is terrible.  Americans are figuring out that green energy is not the solution to our energy problems.  Nothing that Obama has done has increased our energy supply in any significant way.  We need more energy, and Obama is standing in the way.  He is committed to wind power, ethanol, and electric cars among other things.  None of these make economic sense and none of them come close to being a solution to our energy problems.

9.  Obama’s green energy policies and his insistence the man made global warming is a problem is becoming less and less believable all the time.  The people are starting to wake up to the facts about green energy.  They understand that supporting so called green energy projects is very expensive.  They understand that green energy is not that reliable.  They understand that in the end, green energy is not all that green, and they understand that the earth is not getting warmer after all.

10.  The people are starting to understand that Obama’s words do not match his actions.  What he says in not what he does.   In other words, he lies!  He said he was going to shut down GITMO.  He didn’t.  He said he wanted to control spending.  He doesn’t do anything about it.  He said he is concerned about the economy, yet continues to spend trillions of dollars that we don’t have.   He says the economy is recovering.  It isn’t.  The man doesn’t tell the truth.

Don’t lose hope friends.  Obama can be defeated.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  The Republicans running for President are not as anemic as the liberal media would lead you to believe.  I will support any of the Republicans over Obama.  Don’t relax and believe we don’t have to do our part to save the nation, but don’t despair at the idea that Obama can not be defeated either.  Keep the faith!

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Tom Clinard February 16, 2012 at 7:16 am

If the email is a hoax then Dr Williams needs to write what he really feels. Te hoax is spreading like wild fire


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