by drclarkjensen on November 20, 2010

President Obama wants the U. S. Senate to ratify the START treaty now.  It can’t wait.  We can’t look at the outdated treaty to see if it has any relevance today, it must be passed sight unseen.  It must happen in this lame duck session before a more conservative and careful Congress shows up in January.   In Obama’s word, “It is a national security imperative.”

Do you remember the last time Obama said there was no time for being careful?  The bill had to be completed and signed now, the details could be worked on later.   Do you remember the Health Care monstrosity?  (How could you forget if you are not comatose?)  Why was there such a rush?  Why was the bill so big and complex and why was it unnecessary for Congressmen to read and understand the bill before they voted on it?  Why were the details unimportant?  You would think Obama was a used car salesman.

Well, now Obama claims there is a new crisis.  We have to sign the START treaty NOW.  It can’t wait.  The world hangs in the balance.  The Soviets might rush out and build a million new nuclear tipped missiles tomorrow if we don’t sign the treaty NOW!  If we don’t sign the bill NOW, the Soviets will take their toys and go home.  They will be mad at us and we can’t have that, can we?

Who among you really thinks Obama’s crisis is legitimate?  Who thinks his motives are pure?  Who believes Obama is showing us all of his cards?

Do you remember the first two START treaties between the USSR and the United States.  Do you remember that it pretty much amounted to unilateral disarmament on our part.  The United States disarmed, but verification of Soviet compliance with the treaty was, at best, unsatisfactory.  What did President Carter do about Soviet lack of compliance and their unwillingness to allow verification of compliance?  He did nothing.  As a result of Carter’s wimpiness our military and safety as a nation was compromised.  Carter also reduced military spending as he disarmed our nuclear arsenal.   Why?  Why would you put your weapons down in the face of an enemy that either would not do the same or would not let you know if they were doing the same?

Thankfully Carter was replaced by President Reagan.  Remember him.  He was the guy who told Gorbachev to tear the wall down.  He was the President who was not intimidated or cowed into a trembling mass of jelly.  He was the President who would not comply with unilateral disarmament.  He would not back down on the anti ballistic Missiles (ABM) program.  He was a President of strength.  Even though he scared the libs badly, his position of strength was effective.  Much more effective than the unilateral disarmament of the first two START treaties.

The libs said Reagan would spark World War III with his bravado and bluster.  They called him a cowboy.  Guess what.  After Reagan refused to be intimidated by the Soviet bluster, the Soviets caved and the walls did come down.  The result was a safer world and a freer world.  The libs forget that the Soviet Union then and Iran now act just like  cowboys.  Listen to the way they talk, they are and were very aggressive in their demands.  It has only been wimpy liberals who were and are afraid to be strong and to make reasonable demands.  The libs have been the wimpy pacifists, not the USSR, not Iran.  Don’t you get it?  Pacifism gives the farm away, but accomplishes nothing.  You call it diplomacy, but in reality it is weakness and our enemies are laughing at us.

Obama is a pacifist, just like Carter.  They are cut from the same cloth.  Neither man has a clue about strength or about peace.  They think they can solve world problems with empty rhetoric.  They both believe that pacifism in the face of an enemy will cause the enemy to back down.  Will weakness ever save us?  Are you kidding!  Never!

Don’t sign START again.  It did nothing but disarm the United States nuclear warheads in the past, it will only weaken us in the future.

Please God, help us find a real leader again and help us to recognize him when he shows up.  This Obama clown is not looking out for the best interests of the nation and the people.

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