“Somebody Else Made That Happen”

by drclarkjensen on July 26, 2012

I don’t know if I have ever heard Obama say anything that paints a better picture of who he really is and what he really believes than his recent statement, “If you’re a business-you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  He then went on to say, “you couldn’t do anything without the state.”

I am convinced those words accurately reflect who Obama really is and what he believes.  It is not often that Obama’s words come to us unfiltered, but it appears he finally said what he believes.  He believes government creates jobs and the private sector functions best when government regulations are greatest.

Let’s think about the import of those words.

Obama really believes that government-not businessmen-create jobs.  He believes that it is only because of government that business is possible and that business owners don’t deserve the rewards of their blood, sweat and tears because they are only successful because of government and because of other people who work for them.

Okay, I will grant Obama that no-one makes it on his own and that no employer can succeed without faithful, hardworking employees.  No one understands that better than I.  I have great employees and understand that without them I couldn’t make it.

However, without my vision, without my effort to get an education, without my investment in my career, without the willingness I had to delay gratification and go into debt, without my assumption of all the debt and risk that goes into building a business, my employees would have to find a job somewhere else, because my business just doesn’t happen without me.  No group of potential future employees, investors or government representatives are going to build a building and then go looking for someone to come up with a business plan and then run that business.  That doesn’t happen!

I have never asked nor would I ever expect an employee to make the type of investment in my business that I do.  An employee would not go into debt to  support my dream.  They would only do that to support their dream.

My business is not unique, it is the norm.  Without a leader, without someone who is willing to invest in an idea and take upon himself/herself the risk of starting a business, nothing happens and no-one has a job.  Obama makes it sound like the wealth business owners acquire is undeserved, that their effort, their investment and their risk is no big deal.  Can anyone say “Communism” for me?

Show me any business (even those businesses subsidized by government) that would have spontaneously burst into being without an entrepreneurial leader, a businessman who was willing to lead out and make the investments of time and money to get the business started.

If succeeding at business is no big deal, if the owner of the business is just a lucky guy who has a successful business handed to him, why do so many businesses fail?  Only 44 percent of businesses last four years.  Those business owners that failed were people who invested and lost a lot of money, time and effort.   Is that no big deal to Obama either?

Okay, lets put this in perspective for a moment.

Michael Jordon is a one of the most highly regarded basketball players of our time.  Some people would argue he was the greatest basketball player of all time.  Who knows, but he was phenomenal and his teams won lots of games and many NBA championships.  Do you remember how he could change the complexion of a game all by himself.

Now suppose you went up to Michael Jordon and said to him, ” The only reason you were such a great player was because of the fans who came to watch you.  You didn’t do this on your own!”

How do you think Jordon would react to that statement?  Would he admit that his hard work, his athletic ability, the hours he spent practicing, had nothing to do with his success as a basketball player or would he try to punch you in the face for saying something so totally stupid?

Obama is telling the Michael Jordan’s of the business world that they didn’t deserve the win and that they had nothing to do with their team winning the game or the NBA championship.  Don’t you think that statement is more than a little bit stupid and insulting?

Well,Obama come’s by it naturally.

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Seth July 26, 2012 at 11:14 am

I saw a political add the other day put out by the Obama campaign. He comes out and saysthat he never said anything about how business owners “didn’t build their buisness.” A little insulting, but 30 seconds later the very quote that he denies was played. So he said he didn’t say it and then proved he did say it in the same comercial. Stupid…*facepalm*


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