Romney, Bain, Risk and Capitalism

by drclarkjensen on January 30, 2012

Mitt Romney

Sometimes I get pretty frustrated with Mitt Romney.  Sometimes his answers just kill me.  In the first debate in South Carolina, I didn’t think his answers were all that stellar.  Instead I loved what Newt had to say.  I loved Newt’s agressiveness and honesty with Juan Williams.  I thought Newt hit it out of the park.  I wish Romney would have matched Newt’s forceful and agressive approach.  When Mitt was explaining capitalism and his past at Bain capital he sounded apologetic.

I just listened to a great video by Wayne Allyn root that says what I wish Mitt would have said.  I think Mitt needs to be more forceful and aggressive in defending his private sector roots.  Both Gingrich and Perry have attacked Romney about what he did at Bain.  That is just crazy.  All Republicans should know that the private sector is full of risk and if the market is to be free, there will be both winners and losers.  Sure, there are some in the private sector that are dishonest and who take advantage of others, but there really is no evidence that Bain or Romney did that.  Why the attacks?  Politics.

Yes, I know that all the Republicans are in a brutal battle over who is the best candidate.  I understand that and I understand that Romney has attacked the positions of other Republicans and is not all that popular with the other candidates.  But it seems strange to me that Republicans attack Romney on one of the most important ways that conservatives differ from liberals.  If you are going to attack your fellow Republican don’t attack him for embracing the principles of the free market.  Don’t attack him because he was willing to risk his money in order to make a dollar down the road.  Don’t attack him because he made the hard choices that were required to try to save a failing company.

Friends, we have to support the ideas of a free market.  We can not allow government to infiltrate the private sector further.  We can not go any further in the Marxist, Socialist, Communist direction.  This political season, as important as the debates are to help us to understand the positions of the candidates, we have to remember that words are only words.   Yes I do enjoy the debates, but I am not going to vote for the person who is best at debate.  I will vote for the best leader, one who can defeat Obama and one who is conservative.  Right now, I think Romney fits that bill better than the other candidates.  I still struggle with some of Romney’s positions, but believe he is more conservative than Gingrich.  I would really like Santorum too, but think he has little chance to get elected this time around.  I will support Gringrich, Santorum, Romney or even Ron Paul if they become the Republican nominee, but one good or one poor debate does not change my perspective about who would best lead our nation.  I am still supporting Romney.

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Cameron January 30, 2012 at 11:34 am

I feel the same way…. Love what newt says.(not what he does), wish Romney had more of a clear cut conservative history. He could have started better with Romney care and how he addressed it… He should have said he did it and it was a failure and he would be the best to know how to remove it. He also needs to be better at explaining his views about what went on in mass. That was probably not the best state to be the governor of, in order to win he probably had to compromise personal standards to get stuff done and let the people know he wouldnt implement his personal beliefs…. I. Personally think a libertarian might bring us back to the middle better than a moderate? Just a thought


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