Christ Lives

by drclarkjensen on December 25, 2010

The Redeemer of us all

I am always interested in symbolism in scripture.  Moses, in the Old Testament symbolized the Christ.  Moses was a type of Christ.

Both Moses and Jesus were threatened at birth by death from the existing government.  Moses have to be hidden from Pharaoh, while Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt with Jesus to escape Herod’s decree that all male infants under the age of 2 were to be killed.  Moses was a type of a physical savior for the Children of Israel as he lead them from physical bondage in Egypt.  Christ, of course leads us out of the twin bondages of sin and death.

Jesus was born during an era of physical challenge.  Everything in His day was much more difficult then what we experience.

Transportation for Jesus was on foot, most of the time, and if he did not walk, transportation was by animal.  There were no cars, bicycles, or airplanes just donkeys and camels and feet.

His food was not refrigerated, frozen, canned, or packaged in a germ proof foil pack.

He could not go to McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Olive Garden.  ( Well maybe Olive Garden, but not they kind we think of.)

He did not have central air conditioning or heating in his home, in fact, he did not have a home.

He did not have the opportunity to try on a pair or Nike’s.  He did not have a closet full of cloths, a drawer of cloths or even a drawer or a closet.  His cloths were the ones he wore upon his back.

He could not go to the gym to shoot some hoops or kick a soccer ball.  He did not ever golf.  None of those things existed.

He did not attend a public school.  He was taught, primarily at home.  Oh, and by God and angels.  (Much better than ” no child left behind.”)

He could not ever go to the mall or go to a movie.

He did not have a microwave oven, or even an oven for that matter.

He did not ever enjoy running water from a faucet,  flush toilets, or a warm shower.

He did not experience the blessings and distractions of the information age.  For Jesus there was no television, radio, or Internet.  He barely had access to books.  I am sure he was able to read some books, but he certainly could not go to the public library.

He did not travel very far from his place of birth during his lifetime.  His influence during his lifetime was confined to, I would guess, the radius of a couple of hundred miles.  Those who he came to serve and teach and ultimately save, by and large rejected him and finally crucified him.

If you look at the physical life of Jesus of Nazareth there is nothing remarkable.  He lived a difficult life physically.  By today’s standards, He  lived well below the poverty level.  His life was not earthshaking because of what He did, but because of who He was.

When we feel that life is hard and there is no one that understands our pain, our frustration, our sin,  or our our weakness, we need to remember that Jesus Christ understands.  He knows more about pain than we will ever understand.  He understands hunger and thirst.  He understands what it feels like to feel tired.  He understands what it feels like to be rejected.  We can not ever say, Christ does not understand my pain.  He understands and then some.  He descended below us all that he might raise us up.

I know that Jesus is the Christ.  I know he suffered and died to break the bands of sin and death for all of us.  I know that it is only through His atoning blood that I can be saved with Him.

May God bless you in the coming year.  May we all remember to honor and serve our Savior in the coming year and through out our lives.

Merry Christmas.

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Son of George December 25, 2010 at 10:28 pm

If you have not seen this presentation you should take the time to watch.

The Star of Bethlehem

“IT’S AN ASTRONOMICAL MYSTERY. A strange star is claimed to have appeared at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This site is an investigation of the story found in the Biblical Gospel of Matthew, a story often called the ‘Star of Bethlehem.’ It brings the words of Roman and Jewish historians alongside the visions of ancient prophets. It mixes “modern” mathematicians with murderous turmoil in the Roman imperial court. It combines all these with astronomical facts which no one disputes. And it concludes that the star was a real event. Come solve this age-old mystery for yourself…”

He Lives!


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